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Here are excerpts from our CD Carry On.

  1. Carry On -713k
  2. Long Ride Home -1007k
  3. Annabelle -894k
  4. In the Hills of Minnesota -936k
  5. Hallelujah -526k
  6. Wildcat Ridge -718k
  7. If I Can’t Live without Her -714k
  8. No Reason That You Should -752k
  9. One More Dollar -838k
  10. Graeme’s Reel -575k
  11. How Can I Keep from Singing? -831k
  12. Living in Bob Dylan’s Head -535k
  13. I’d Rather Be the Girl You Left Behind -680k
  14. On Heaven’s Bright Shore -835k
Our first CD, Carry On, is released! Carry On can be purchased for $14.00 (U.S. shipping included) online through PayPal (all major credit cards accepted - PayPal membership not required).