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About the Band
Minnesota Blue is an acoustic band steeped in American roots music. Whether it's bluegrass, folk, country, or blues, Minnesota Blue brings it to the gig alive and kickin'. Lead singer, Barbara Yotter, has a distinctive voice that goes straight to an audience's heart whether it's straight-up bluegrass or an acapella ballad. Minnesota Blue is also the home of award-winning singing as Barbara and Minnesota Blue guitarist, Kelton Parrish, are the 2009 Minnesota Duet Champions, an annual competition held at the Minnesota State Fair. In 2010 band member, Paul Johnson, was a Fourth Place finisher in the same contest. His work on dobro guitar is another distinctive feature of the band's sound. The rhythm section is anchored by Scott Nye on bass. Minnesota Blue was formed in 2004.
Barbara Yotter
Barbara Yotter's soulful voice is the centerpiece of Minnesota Blue's sound. Whether it's a ballad, old-time gospel, or a rip-it-up bluegrass number Barbara's voice delivers the emotions of the song straight to the heart. Barbara got her start playing classical violin and 20 years ago got turned on to bluegrass and folk music where she discovered her singing voice. She played with Backroads Junction from 1991-2004. In '09 Barbara and Kelton were the Minnesota Duet Champions held annually at the Minnesota State Fair. She is also a church musician appearing regularly as a soloist.
Kelton Parrish
Kelton Parrish, originally from Texas, grew up on bluegrass music and took up the guitar while in his teens. He played in several bluegrass and gospel bands before relocating to the Twin Cities and plays the same 1936 Martin Guitar his father played. In 2009 Kelton and Barbara won the Minnesota Duet Championship competing against a field of 17 other duos.

Paul Johnson
Plays dobro and sings in Minnesota Blue; plays keyboards, fiddle, lapsteel in a country band; won fourth place in the 2010 Minnesota Duet Championship; played in too many rock bands to count; played in three different klezmer bands; orchestrated and conducted two orginal musicals; composed and arranged the music for an indepedent award-winning feature film; backed folk-singing, labor organizer Baldemar Velasquez, twice; composed music performed by a symphony orchestra; played principal double bass for a symphony orchestra; composed music performed by a concert choir; earned music degrees some where along the way; played tango music; composed and performed many novelty songs for special occasions; and wrote his own bio. Hasn't done it all but not for lack of trying.
Scott Nye
Scott Nye has held the bass seat in various groups over the last 25 years playing classical to rock. From 1994-1998 Scott played with blues/rock trio Lonnie Knight & Easy Money, then 1999-2004 recorded original music with Every Wednesday. Scott's driving style and improvisation are the perfect complement to rest of the band.